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Celtic Saints

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Was thinking about the Tuathe de Danaan this week. And a Scottish film. And Ogham.

And listened to Garth Brooks' "ireland" repeatedly on the way home last night.

To come home and find a cassette tape I  had apparently set in the counter with other things...or some quantum shift and/or angelic something or other...one of the few tapes I bought on my mission many moons ago. "Joakim Friis-Holm , Henrik Bjorslev - Ancient Irish music on flue and celtic harp." Awesome stuff. I had completely forgotten about.

Anywho, having Irish/Scottish/Welsh heritage, and knowing that Joseph at least had the former two, ...to feeli like I'm visiting there, I would love to hear more about the saints now in Celtic lands, especially Ireland.

Who has served /lived there? Any stories you can tell?  Please?

I'll start by saying the Tuatha de Danaan, by my reckoning, were Nephite/Ammonite - gifted with healing, prophecy, and control of the very elements. And that the so-called "si/sidh/shee"  (si simply meaning mounds/earthworks) are those who anciently threw up defenses. Until such were no longer needed.

And that Joseph's seership would have been greatly respected among many Scottish people of his day, who had known of a famed seer in Scotland, who had used a seerstone. 

And Joseph's reference to Moroni visiting him 3 times in one night to discuss the buried record aligns precisely with Lady Gregory's account that in Celtic understanding, with a vision of something under the earth, you await the third message...and would be imprudent/impatient and unsuccessful attempting any such dig prior to the third confirmation.. Embedded in the Christmas Carol...and 3 visitations before that raised Ebeneezer (an OT reference) could actually make something of himself.

Akin to a triple wo in scripture, meaning, as I was taught by a good man in institute class, that God *really* wants you to sit up, take notice, and change for the better.

The celts claimed to know of a promised lacross the water to the west, and at least one of them recorded that their descendants would go to that land.

So that seafaring people both claimed to have come a land of promise to the west (Tuathe/people de/god danaan/bountiful,abundant,verdant) and that some of their descendants would one day return there.

How are the saints in Celtic lands? The good? The challenges? How are the youth doing?

You may tell them I'm stirring the pot for them. Bubble. Boil. Trouble. ;0)

Slated for a trip not too far from here to help refine some things for them. (And their neighbors.)

Please share. What was it like serving there? And/or how are things now?

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Wales, and John Parry, and Dan Jones.

The heritage of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Parry. (to deflect a blow/attack) and thrust (which can also simply refer to acceleration...jet/rocket fuel)

Music can tame the savage beast.

Thoroughly enjoying a lengthy/meaningful YouTube vid tonight: "Celtic Woman,New Journey - Live at Slane Castle, Ireland." 

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