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Church History Museum - sundays


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After an awesome sacrament meeting that included a much needed testimony from a young lady and a perfect message from a recently-returned faithful missionary...I did a brief visit at a two heritage exhibits at a local museum, and then a visit to Temple Square.

Was surprised how completely packed the initial place was - the museum with the heritage exhibits.

Then noticed, on arriving at Temple Square - with tour buses there..a large group/family tugging on the Church Museum Door. And thought it was unfortunate that on a day people were in town to learn about these odd Mormon types,  when they have prime time to learn/explore, our showcase museum is closed for them.

If many more are gonna come to Utah...which has been foretold many times...how many troublemakers/pot stirrers like myself on standby, greenhorn wannabe docents, politely asking, might it take to get permission to swing the doors upon on the Church History Museum on a Sunday for guests who would otherwise be peering wistfully through the glass (darkly)?  

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12 minutes ago, Robert F. Smith said:

There are actually many LDS historical places which are open on Sunday, with missionaries present to conduct tours.  So it would not at all be a stretch to have the Church History Museum open.  It could be operated in shifts so that missionary members could attend their own 3-hour block.

Great suggestion.

And/or hold meetings there (or nearby)...so visitors can actually experience than something beyond a museum. A living-museum experience. And step into live action role-playing (actually experience an LDS meeting). A seedling first-hand experience they can then replant at home).

Reminds me of a youth dance held in an aquarium. Made for something of an amazing blended experience.

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