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A New Zealand Temple City Creek


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1 hour ago, Calm said:

One of my favorite nations. 

There should be a way to find a balance between the need to beautify an area and providing/generating means to live there...for those families who sacrificed to build it.

“It is my purpose to provide for my saints.” (D&C 104:15).



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I get that they want a spiritual tone around the Temple. In saying that though as I look up where our Temple is going to be located, when they'll begin construction is anybody's guess but there is a gas station, a Tim Horton's, a Liquor Mart, a Bank, Pet Valu and Starbucks so............................and what is more the Church doesn't own the whole lot just a sizable portion so who knows what someone will build on that area. The Chapel/Temple could be next to a glow in the dark roller skating rink:o

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