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A Tribute of Mothers; My Mother.

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This Sunday is Mother's Day of course, usually a very happy day for Mothers. Especially for those Mothers who have missionaries, serving around the world. Since it is just one of the two days a year that missionaries can call home. This of course makes it a wonderful day for Father's and family as well, because they too can hear (and now see, not so when my kids served) from their children. A few weeks ago my Bishop asked if he could use a poem I wrote for my Mother about 22 years ago, on really nice stationary and then lamente it so it would last. As my wife and I were preparing to do this, I was busy finding the right font and size so that it could fit the beautiful paper that we found. After finishing the layout, I thought, it is not finished. What was missing was my Mother's name. My wife asked; are you sure you want her name on it, since it is going to be given to other people? I replied that, without my Mother being the kind of Mother she was, the poem would have never been written.

So, I thought I would share it here. If anyone would like to use it, go ahead. If it can inspire others to remember their own Mother's fondly, then you have my Mother to thank. For all you Mothers in the world, without you guys, nothing works! God bless you all for the Women you are. Also, God bless my dear Mother, who is no longer with us...but her prayers for me continue still. :) 


When My Mother Prays


When my Mother prays,

Angels take to flight.

To guide my way by day,

To protect me in the night. 


When I forget in whom I trust

And bow on bended knee,

There is one who won't forget

To pled my case to Thee. 


In in darkness I have walked

Not knowing well the cost.

A voice was heard on high

Before my soul was lost. 


In in sickness and in health,

Circumstances tho' they be.

My name Thou can't forget,

When my Mother prays for me. 


In the purest form of love

Her prayers for me are heard,

In language known to Angels

In the simple spoken word. 


And yet these ascend 

To Thy throne exalted high.

Requests for promised blessings,

Which Thou cannot deny. 


Blessed is her name,

Her devotion knows no bounds.

In her quiet secret place,

On her knees she will be found. 


With courage I will face,

The trials of coming days.

The heavens shake for my good,

When My Mother prays. 


Dedicated to: Norma Francis Cooper Lee


William E. Lee

Mother's Day 1995

Copyright 1996

Edited by Bill “Papa” Lee
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