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pi in the bible

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http://www.meta-calculator.com/online/?panel-102-graph&data-bounds-xMin=-10&data-bounds-xMax=10&data-bounds-yMin=-7.28&data-bounds-yMax=7.28&data-equations-0="82628*x ^ 2 %2B 100000*y ^ 2 %3D 82628 "&data-rand=undefined&data-hideGrid=false

Not having any good reason to sleep I started thinking about pi which the bible suggests is 3. I decided to find out just how badly out that calculation would be

and with a little help from my calculator worked out that a diameter of 2 and a " circumference " of 6 would create an ellipse with an eccentricity of about .416 or a major axis of 2 and a minor axis of 1.818. I graphed it and thought , hmmm looks pretty circular, not perfect mind you , but close. Now, of course, any duffus can make a good circle with a rope and a peg and doesn't need to know about pi. From a purely visual standpoint, the ellipse as created would be tough to distinguish from  a true circle .

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Another thought came to me . Just how accurate for pi would it have to be to satisfy the critics? Assuming fractions , would 3 and 1/7 be OK or would 3 and 16/113 be needed? What were the Bible writers able to use for notation to show fractions? Maybe if the writers had just said pi was 3 and a bit more.

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4 hours ago, strappinglad said:

Another thought came to me . Just how accurate for pi would it have to be to satisfy the critics?...

It appears to be considerably more accurate than what you've previously suggested.


(From the last portion of the article:)
"Solving, we get pi  540/172  =  135/43   = 3.1395348837..., or about 3.14.

Um... Isn't "3.14" the approximation we all use for pi?...."


Cubits and such are based on arm lengths and hand widths..so in their time, the outcome could have been more or less accurate than that, hinging on what they opted for as a standard cubit, etc. 

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