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The Fists of Nemesis: hey, Didja'll Know I got Banned? :)

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I recently got banned from a thread and I've no problem with that. But, since my name was invoked and I directly referenced, regarding my being banned without my being able to respond, I thought I'd clarify some things here. I plan to later (hopefully soon) reintroduce the topic I was engaged in in its own thread. In his post, I'm going from what I remember "sneaking in" while logged out and reading the continuingposts and therefore I do not have them in front of me right now for a direct reference. Forgive me if I misrepresent anything.

First and foremost, I do thank for the supporting posts. Second, I honestly do not think I was banned for "speaking the truth", or for "political correctness". I simply think it was because I called one poster there a "liar". I think I recall a red warning either from Nemesis' fists or one other moderator warning another poster in another thread a long time ago not to do that. I just reread the rules and from the Banned Behavior I found 1)• Insulting language, or statements meant to do nothing more than provoke others ; bPersonal attacks or squabbles (dispute opinions not persons). I think calling someone a liar would qualify under both. Also, while I would not be surprised I was reported I am assuming I was not so I think that idea could be duly dropped. I think it was the moderators'' pursuing through the thread which found my personal insult.

Third, I was accused of taking the position as formerly "taught" in the LDS Church, that gays should "just change". Let's clarify that. Yes, I do think they should change, can change, and will change if their hearts are placed in line with the will of the Father. I am, however, very pragmatic in life and fully realize that this is not at all easy. In fact, I immensely admire gays who keep their lives in line with the teachings of chastity as per the LDS church's standards. Furthermore, I absolutely do not agree with "gay therapy". In fact, just read my comments to californiaboy in the thread in question and see for yourself. While I do not think this "therapy" was never endorsed by the top LDS church leaders, it was, from my understanding, widespread in its recommended use by local leaders and even facilities at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT were used for that "therapeutic" end. But I absolutely do not agree with it. Connecting me to its support is not accurate. That said, when will gays change if not in this life? Easy, in the life to come. The LDS church absolutely teaches salvation and exaltation to all who repent, which very much includes me, and lives a life in line with keeping God's commandments. I find the Atonement of immense power, way beyond our own, but so much of it is never forced on anyone therefore those who partake of it fully is done by choice and that requires change. Saying that gays cannot change is a direct impediment to this belief.

As for everything else, yes, I was implicitly called a derogatory name (I will CFR if called upon) and, yes,  the "fairness" of my being banned is unclear but, really, I am not bothered at all by it.

I'm taking a risk starting this thread as I am not sure if it is against the rules of the forum but I chose to do so to clarify certain thing which I was directly cited and could not respond to in the proper thread. Hopefully I will not need to talk to Nemesis' fists as a result. I found no rule directly banning this behavior but circumventing bans is not cool.




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Thanks Nehor.

"I'm taking a risk starting this thread as I am not sure if it is against the rules of the forum...but circumventing bans is not cool."

I realize that I could get another ban but to be sure, I am not here to defend against being banned, in fact, I'm 100% OK if I do but I am here because my name was involved in the original thread after my ban and I could not respond to inaccurate accreditation of what my position was. Thus, the short explanation above.

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