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Juris Doctorate, woot!

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Congrats.  May you be lead in the law by what is just rather than what the law supposedly says.  I suspect that is anathema and plain naive to most lawyers, but I find that when the rich can use lawyers who simply know the code better than others that it is not justice that is received, but injustice to the poor and/or the uninformed.  Lawyers are lifesavers and yet my mother said I could be anything I wanted except a lawyer.  I have known such great men that were lawyers and feel confident that you are that type of individual.

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4 hours ago, Anijen said:

For the past three years I have woke up at 4:45, left the house at 5:00 arrived at school at 6:00, and stayed until about 8:00 pm, and arrived back at home a little after 9:00 pm. I am happy to say it has all been worth it. I am done with school. My hooding ceremony is Friday and commencement is Saturday. Now I need a job to pay back those pesky student loans :(

Now if anyone on these boards who lives in Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, or Utah and want to give this exhausted brother a hand in finding gainful employment, I will take you out to dinner. I'm serious here... I graduated in the top 15% of my class, I will do any lawyer job, but would prefer working as a prosecutor. I have excellent (professional) referrals, I am a downright nice guy, and I am just a hoot to be with.

Hear the Bar exam has about a 51% pass rate these days. I accept the challenge, bring it on.

You might want to try clerking for an appellate court judge somewhere, or working for a prosecutor -- they always need researchers to go out and look things up, brief cases, etc. -- while you prepare for your BAR exam.  Lots of law firms will take you on on the same basis. Consider it interning, an apprenticeship or the like.  You will want to think about a legal specialty.  If you want to be a prosecutor, then apply for a govt job in just such an office.  that's where you learn the ropes.  Later you can go into criminal defense work.  I have known many lawyers who have taken that route.

Congratulations, and good luck.

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It may be easier to get a public defender or prosecutor job in a small town.   So apply in those.  (I went to Roy.)   Your state may have a job board that posts government legal jobs that you can sign up for.  Go to your local legal aid group and start volunteering --- it will increase your contacts as well as your experience.

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