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Came across this site googling and thought those who would like to learn more about Mormon artists and their art (not just mormon themed art) than seen in church arenas might like to see it.  Unfortunately the website owner is overwhelmed by the time required so he is no longer adding new material, but with that limitation, it will still be worthwhile to see, imo.





Garrick Infanger, director and curator of “The Krakens,” a digital art gallery, set out two years ago to broaden perspectives of LDS art and give LDS artists more exposure.

“I love art and I love to support Mormon artists,” Infanger told Deseret News regarding his motivation for creating the site. “But I didn’t know that many of them. And so I knew that they were out there, and I wanted to find them, and help other people be aware of them.”

Infanger isn’t a professional art critic, he’s actually a management consultant who happened to marry an artist who graduated in illustration from BYU. He has been going to art museums around the world ever since.

After networking, searching online and connecting through social media, Infanger found there was no shortage of LDS artists. In fact, there were hundreds. He was surprised by the number, because he hadn’t seen much coverage of these people from official church sources.

“I just realized there was all this art out there, that there are all these artists. I mean there’s a woman at the University of Georgia, and she is an amazing painter," Infanger said. "And she’s been a professor of art for 30 years. She’s represented by a gallery in Manhattan, but I had never heard of her. She’s never been in any Ensign or anything like that, but she’s just out there, doing her thing.”

In Infanger’s search for LDS artists, sometimes he would find artists all the way across the globe, and other times sometimes they were hiding in plain sight right in his own backyard. He once discovered a painter who lived less than a mile away from a friend who helped him start the blog. As he became acquainted with different cultures around the world, Infanger found that some of the artwork created by LDS artists was not what he was used to seeing in LDS media.

Infanger recognized that he had a choice to make in regard to his website.

“We talked about do we want to focus on Mormon art or Mormon artists, because those are two different things, and we wanted to focus on Mormon artists. And many of them, I’d say more than half, don’t do anything even related to religious art," Infanger said. "I think sometimes when we think about Mormon art we just think about those paintings that hang in the church, but there’s all these artists out there doing things that you wouldn’t think of as ‘Mormon’ so to speak.”

Focusing on Mormon artists, not Mormon art, resulted in a blog that is sprinkled with all kinds of different art. Some of the artists do produce Mormon artwork, so paintings of prophets or temples are not absent from the blog, but there is a multitude of other subjects represented. One artist drew the faces of the band Kiss on dollar bills, another is a sign painter, other works of art are completely abstract.

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Oh these are beautiful in every art form.  I like the take on the ward house with all the ward together...it is true!!  They look like my ward and yours!

Loved also the one with Jesus and the lambs.  Some are very unique..Lorenzo though..why he takes the cone!!

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12 minutes ago, Mormons Talk said:

Some of the pictures seem a bit odd for a website devoted to art. Four pictures of bacon? I realize art is pretty broad, but...

I didn't get the pictures of money (presidents) kind of masked...did I miss something?  Unique!!  But some beautiful art there.  I can't draw a stick house so this is amazing to me!

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