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Good for chuckle if you dislike Pack Meeting


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Yes, pack meeting is the worst.  I had 3 boys in cub scouts and am thrilled it's over.  :D 

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I've been a cubmaster, and it was quite a lot of fun!  I didn't want to give it up, but they made me.  Pack meetings were my main focus!

Also been an Assistant Scoutmaster (Blazer Scout Leader, for the Primary boys of 11 years old), and greatly enjoyed that, too.

My late wife spent many years (not necessarily sequentially) as a Cub Den Mother/Leader.  She enjoyed that, too.

And when my boys were cubs, I loved that, too.  

Don't know what you guys are complaining about! :D 

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There are good pack meetings and not so good. If you feel you have to do everything and draw it out then it is bad. If you make it quick paced and fun it is good. 

One of the things our ward does is call all the Wolves up. Then if they all have the same thing the cub master says that all the boys got _______. One time of clapping and the Wolves sit down. If one or two got something more than the cub master will say "George also got _____."

The badges are a little more drawn out, but usually not overly so. 

Doing it this way, rather than call each boy individually helps a lot and the boys really don't care for individual recognition. They just like that they got awards. 

The same goes for all the other parts. Don't do a skit and a song. Do one or the other.

Start on time. If you start 20 minutes late it seems 20 minutes longer. 


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