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Another Tornado hits us again just one week later...more damage.

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I'm beginning to feel like the heavens have painted a circle on my back. The already destroyed well house, that I have not been able to break down and have hauled away got ripped apart even more. Trees nearby snapped into, mailboxes of so many in my community ripped of their bases, cars over turned, and the roof of a nearby fire station torn off. But thankfully no serious injuries. This makes two tornados in ten days...more bad weather coming on Wednesday. It is a battle every year when warm air from the gulf collides with could air from the north. Pray for our safety, have not heard of any damage of others from our Ward yet. 

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I am so sorry for all of this..I hope sunshine is around the corner and that all of this can be only another trial that our Papa has endured with a kind of obstinate courage that makes Papa so Papa..so admire your strength in all kinds of adversity that you have endured.  You are an example of endurance.  God Bless You...and if you need anything..please PM me!

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