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Epic bad times in Atlanta

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Atlanta is already rated in the top five worst cities for traffic. So yesterday an incredible fire burned under I85, causing a bridge to collapse. On good days it can take hours to get in and out of town for those who live on the Northside of town. Now the secondary streets will be a nightmare. It took my daughter who used to get to work in 45 mins, three hours, and the same to get home. Last night when the fire occurred, people had to get out of their cars and walk to find bathrooms. The fire started around 7:00PM, it took until after midnight to reroute traffic, while many cars just ran out of gas. Now, we are told it will take months 4 to 6 to rebuild. For those who work anywhere in the city, every side road and other interstates will be affected, since they all merge in downtown. 

I am glad I am retired, but my children and many friends will suffer greatly! 

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18 hours ago, strappinglad said:

Sad to hear, I guess there was some stuff stored under the road that caught fire and really made an inferno. Roads of concrete and steel don't normally burn. Time to invest in a flying car ??? :lol:

There was, the State leases area under bridges, but not supposed to store things that could cause such fires. Somebody must have violated this rule, it was an epic fire. Also PVC products were involves which when burning give off deadly gases, made it unapproachable to firefighters for a quite a while. 

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14 hours ago, The Nehor said:

I thought the lost city of Atlanta was just a myth.

True...not to mention, Sherman already burned the city once before. But hopefully Alantis will be found in the ashes. 

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58 minutes ago, rpn said:

Maybe more companies will allow home work.   I heard that they are increasing the trains.

I would hope so...but sadly the train "MARTA" only goes North and South...straight up and down within Fulton County, which does not help those living Northeast where I85 goes, and then only East and West with the city limits. 

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I'm feeling for you Papa. I have a lot of family in the area too and they will be affected to a degree or another. Thankfully, the temple is located just outside the beltway on the north side, so several miles from this bridge collapse. People who take the beltway to get to the temple will not be directly affected (though they will affected indirectly as all roads absorb excess traffic from I-85), but people who live close to downtown will now need to take a much more circuitous route. 


On 4/1/2017 at 3:26 PM, Bill "Papa" Lee said:

True...not to mention, Sherman already burned the city once before. But hopefully Alantis will be found in the ashes. 

Many of my family history lines end with a burnt courthouse in Atlanta. I'm convinced my grandmother's "Abrahamic test" will be to preach the gospel to Sherman in the spirit world. In her house, "Sherman" is a more profane word than any four-letter combination you could think of.

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