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Commercial Tracting

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Noticed over the last week that a certain neighborhood was being targeted by blanketed tracting by supposed commercial parties. One of them had a pair of young men canvassing the area supposedly selling solar-powered solutions. Checked their website, and they had no locations outside of a small area of the far end of a neighboring state (not this state). 

Followed them a bit politely, and their behavior changed erratically - and after I took a snapshot, they promptly turned a corner and vanished. 

Another canvassing episode that same day included a man dressed in women's attire with an out-of-state license. With a very odd/disturbing noise in the house he and his companion just left. A kid watching on an adjacent corner rushed off just then. (No answer when I knocked.)  

And learned today that a person supposedly representing another company beginning with the name Predator has promptly made social network links with 4 of my 12 links.

I would gladly be overcautious here, but would encourage caution in accepting social media invites from supposed friends and/or supposed friends of friends, and even answering the door when you don't know for sure the person standing on the other side. Same goes for phone calls.

Neighbor. Warned. 

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My mom was worried about a call about her car warranty expired, it couldn't be her current one so it must have been one of her older ones.  I assured her it was a scam, but she was obsessed about it.  They didn't ask for info, just said their spiel and hung up.  I asked what differences would it make since we couldn't contact any new owners.  Finally figured out what bothered her so much.  It was a very angry voice.  She doesn't do anger well and it probably made her feel responsible.  I told her scams do that.  She couldn't figure out how it could be a scam since they didn't ask anything, but I told her they wanted people to call back so they could either do a pay per minute call setup where they keep you on it as long as possible or they get the ones who are susceptible and don't waste time or money on those who will ignore or try to cause problems for them (I have seen competitions for how long you can keep a scammer on the phone, with the idea of costing them money and keeping them from using that time to hassle elderly, etc.)

So many people with cold hearts.  Thankfully others with good ones.

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