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It Has Happened Again, Tough Times.

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Some of you may remember the story of my friend Brother Stephen Crawford, who lost his oldest child due to a genetic disorder. His wife passed away on Jan 1st. His youngest child (a son) will die of the same disorder...today his father passed away. 

How much can one man and family endure? Please keep their family in prayer. 

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It's tough seeing friends going through such devatasting situations. My childhood friend's son passed away recently in a head on collision, not his fault. He was a paramedic/firefighter and the funeral was amazing. It was all over the news. But she and her family are devasted. Her son had just had a newborn son born a week or so before, and his beautiful wife is left as a single mother. 

So I know how you feel, but your friend's family has been hit multiple times. I hope there is a God and that their family can be together as well as my friend's son one day.


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On 02/13/2017 at 4:36 PM, Bill "Papa" Lee said:

Some of you may remember the story of my friend Brother Stephen Crawford...

In which state does Stephen live?

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