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I live in the state of Washington. Home of the undefeated University of Washington Huskies. So I went to the Safeway store nearby a couple of months ago, before the football season started, and was appalled at this Frito Lay display for potato based "food" to eat that promised to help the Univ. of Oregon athletic program if only we Washingtonians would buy a bag of their product. I didn't participate. Phil Knight, Frito Lay, Nike, and the state of Oregon who makes us pay their income tax if we work over there, need to come to my state to beg help for their sports programs? Oregon football snapped a five game losing streak tonight. Oh well. Should I feel guilty that I wish the streak would have continued?

Poor Oregon Ducks. Just last year all of these Washingtonians here on the border had big "O's" taped to their bumpers and rear windows of their cars. Now that they are in need, I am not seeing the O's. What has changed? How can you abandon your beloved Ducks in their hour of need? What is the matter with the Washingtonians who inexplicably preferred the Oregon Ducks to the Washington Huskies last year? Can anyone say "bandwagon"? Go to Safeway. Buy Doritos and Fritos and eat them. Go Team. Go Ducks. Right, my fellow residents of Vancouver, Washington? You do wish that Utah had won tonight, as Ducks fans? 

Even the Cougars (Washington State) are better than Oregon now!

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