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BYU completes study on sexual assault and implements recommendations

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President Worthen today announced BYU’s Advisory Council on Campus Response to Sexual Assault has completed its study. BYU’s President’s Council reviewed the study report and accepted all 23 recommendations. Five recommendations will be implemented immediately:

1. Create a new, full-time Title IX coordinator position to replace the existing part-time Title IX coordinator position.

2. Create a victim advocate / confidential advisor position.

3. Create a new, physical space to house the Title IX Office in a location separate from the Honor Code Office.

4. Ensure that, unless the health or safety of others is at risk, the Title IX Office does not share information with the Honor Code Office about the complainant without the complainant’s consent.

5. Adopt an amnesty clause.




This looks to be a huge step forward and I applaud BYU for it. It will be interesting to see what exactly an amnesty clause looks like.

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