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Difficult Quote refuting Genetic Drift


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Would somebody be able to help me with understand how this is incorrect?

This is a difficult quote from Thomas Murphy's dialogue article about how you can't use the principle of genetic drift in order to account for missing DNA:

Would you be able to help me with this quote?

For Michael Whiting's local colonization model to concur with current genetic evidence, there would have to have been multiple occurrences of similar
yet unlikely, events. All the female founders of the Jaredite, Mulekite, and Lehite migrations would have to leave no genetic descendants, or else come from rare lineages usually attributed to post-Columbian admixture. If genetic extinction is to explain the lack of mtDNA from Middle Eastern populations, then it must have occurred not just once but independently in three separate mi- gration events. Because the evidence from paternal lineages substantiates the Siberian origin indicated by maternal lineages, a similar set of unlikely occur- rences would also have to be repeated for all the male founders of the Jaredite, Mulekite, and Lehite migrations.38 Evidence from the Y-chromosome thus makes Whiting's hypothesis doubly implausible.39
When we look more broadly at over a hundred different genetic markers, the plausibility of Whiting's local colonization model rapidly dissipates. L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza's monumental History and Geography of Human Genes exam- ines more than 110 different traits in more than 1,800 predominantly indigenous populations around the world. The data he considers include blood groups and protein and enzyme polymorphisms (polymorphism refers to multiple forms or alleles of a gene), including the highly informative human lymphoctye antigens (HLA) and immunoglobulins. Their global analysis—using 120 allele frequen- cies—found Central and South American populations clustering most closely with other Native Americans and Northeast Asians rather than with Middle Eastern or Southwest Asian populations. Likewise, a more extensive analysis of thirty different Central and South American populations using more than sixty genetic markers found their closest relatives among other Native Americans rather than Middle Eastern populations.40 The implausibility of Whiting's model escalates exponentially with each additional genetic marker examined.41




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Belshazzar, this is not the forum for this type of discussion unless you just want the POV of believers and do not intend the challenge or question them (Social means no debate or argument).  Once you read 25 posts you can post in the main forum if you are looking for more in depth discussion, including debate.

Mods might even lock these two threads as these are usually debate topics.

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