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Mean culpable, So Sorry

Bernard Gui

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Yes, that's a play on mea culpa!

So sorry for offending with a thoughtless remark that was supposed to be clever and humorous in the new thread that was shut down.

Absolutely no offense was intended and I especially wish to thank Calm for pointing out how sophomoric it was and that it diminished what she and many others had accomplished in the modesty thread. My humble apologizes to her and any others, and express my regret for diminishing her and perhaps harming our friendship. That would be awful!

[EDIT] Even if that was not the reason for shutting down, I still accept full responsibility and offer sincere  apologies.

I tried to set the positive tone I was hoping for by quoting my favorite scripture right off the bat, but I recognize the offensiveness my jesting caused.

I think it is a valuable topic and request I be allowed to start a similar discussion but without the good-old-boy silliness.

Perhaps reopening it with the first remarks edited for stupidity.

Thanks and best wishes.


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On further thought, I think this has been done to death.

No more discussion is needed. It was a bad idea at this time.

Maybe in the future the topic can be revisited with the positive tone I wanted to create.


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30 minutes ago, Calm said:

Not going back to sleep after all, so wisdom.  We're good in my view.  😃

Thank you. I was mortified when I saw your note last night. And I deserved the kick in the pants. Certainly not my intention to cause harm. 

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