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In the recent changes in Ward and Stake boundaries, Papa and Nanny (Bill and Pam) are now in the same Ward with all of our married children and all of our grandchildren. Throughout my children's lives, no matter the calling I had I would volunteer my family to clean the Church building. We would also go to the Bishop's Storehouse. Last week when the Bishop asked for people to clean the building, during the long pause, I volunteered. Waiting to see my children follow my lead...they did not. After Church they ask d their Mom if I was serious? They ask because I cannot work walk with a cane and can do little. My wife said that, your Dad will do what he can. So I showed up yesterday and there one of my children and spouse and all the grandchildren (the others were out of town), while they worked I was giving little projects to my grandchildren. 

I can do so little anymore, but I have learned that the only thing that can keep me from gently leading my children and grandchildren is a broken spirit; not a broken back. 

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