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Recruiting for a study on experiences of Christians 

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Dear members of Mormon Dialogue & Discussion Board, 


We’re doing an online survey about the experiences of Christians, and we hope you can participate! If you participate, you’ll complete a survey online and be able to enter to win a $15 gift card, and we are giving out 35 gift cards. Christians are a very under-studied group, and we’d love to hear from members your group. 


You can participate if you are an adult, living in the United States, and identify as a Christian (all denominations are welcome!). 


The web site for the study is: 


Please note that we want to be clear that the purpose of this research is NOT to portray Christians in any negative light, whatsoever! We are interested in the daily stress experienced by Christians and factors such as whether they feel they can be open about their faith at work. Very little research has examined the experiences of Christians in this regard. 


Please feel free to contact the study principal investigator, Dr. Mike Parent, directly at Michael.parent@ttu.edu if you have any questions or concerns at all about this study. 


This study is being conducted by Dr. Mike Parent (Texas Tech University), Dr. Melanie Brewster (Teacher’s College), and Dr. Stephen Cook (Hardin-Simmons University). This study was approved by the Texas Tech Institutional Review Board, and posting this link was approved by your group moderator Nemesis (Thank you!). 


Thank you! 


Dr. Mike Parent 

Dr. Melanie Brewster 

Dr. Stephen Cook 

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