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Least crowded night Hill Cumorah pageant?

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It never seemed to matter which night we went - it was always insane haha! I assume weeknights are slightly better, though.

The only thing I can suggest is just going for the pageant and then touring all the surrounding sites at another time. I enjoyed the visit so much more during the "off-season."

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Thanks! We have already visited the sites this Spring, and had a great time and the kids really learned a lot and were engaged. So this will just be for the pageant. I am leaning towards Tuesday night, and will just plan on packing a picnic and being prepared for wait times in and out of parking! Any other tips to get the whole crew prepared and get the most out of the evening? 

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Get there early, bring lots of activities to keep you (and your kids) busy, bring blankets (both to save your seats and keep you warm if the forecast predicts that), and bring a poncho type thing in case it rains. 

It's fun to wander around during the wait. I like to people watch. One year we saw Donny Osmond and his family (they were in the pageant that year) and my sister in law flipped because she had such a crush on him as a kid! Good times, happy memories :)


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