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The search function offers the choice of searching on both a key word or words and author as well as other customizing.  just click on the search icon once or twice to take you to the search page.

I don't know if the problem remains since the latest upgrade, but it did miss ones I knew existed from time to time for theclast few months.

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7 hours ago, Seeker59 said:

Is there any way to search for a topic or phrase within a user's content?

When I need to do that I use google.

In the google search bar type:  Username AND "topic/phrase" site:mormondialogue.org

Example:  JLHPROF AND "polyandry" site:mormondialogue.org

Works like a charm.


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Not since the new update back in December that I can find, though one can see who is online in threads and on the board and general and do searches on names...perhaps there is a way to pull up all the names in a search, but I haven't spent any time looking into it.

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I think this works...

Go to the search function, choose member search but do not input any keyword or eliminate any categories.  It will then come up with over 22,000 names.  You can then sort it by post count, rep, joined date or names.


Icons for me are rather large and are three across and then down to the next three, repeat for over 900 pages rather than a list one can scan down, but if I really need to do something with it, I could paste it into a text file perhaps to play with it.

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