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At ER. Prayers requested.

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Prayers please. At local hospital ER. Something to do with the right side of my chest. We don't think it involves my heart. It does inhibit my mobility and breathing. Suspect soft tissue injury, or at worst a broken rib.

I will update later. Thx. 

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2 hours ago, flameburns623 said:

Dr. believes a pulled chest muscle from a severe coughing spasm I had last night. I have COPD and spring in the midwest is hard on me. I COULD have fractured a rib, but he is doubtful. Thanks for the prayers!

Daughterinlaw did that.  Very painful.  

Cottonwoods are going in this area, throat is scratchy and chest aches a wee bit, but with my sleep disorder controlled, allergies are one hundreth as bad as they used to be.

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