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The mods are too trigger happy

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You appear to be obsessive. It seems you're feverishly posting on this board in the hope that somebody will finally be able to persuasively answer your many questions and soothe your doubts. But no matter how hard you try, no one appears to provide answers that are good enough for you. It"s appearing more and more that yours is an exercise in futility. Occasionally you seem to be persuaded the teachings of the Church are true, but then very soon thereafter you appear to fall right back into your nagging doubts and ongoing faith crisis. What you"re attempting to accomplish here seems to not be working. Perhaps there is a better way? Perhaps there are pro-LDS discussion boards that are specially designed to provide help to those who are going through faith crises? Anyway, I know you are sincere and mean well. but this more scholarly-oriented forum may not be the best place to seek the answers you're hoping to find. All the best to you.

P.S. At very least, maybe if you start only one new thread every two or three weeks things here may go better for you.

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You are a changing individual.  There are times you speak as if your faith is a strong as a mountain and at other times you are blowing in the wind.  One moment your are creating enough threads for 30 people and at other times you are warning us that you are leaving the Board for good.  Then you are not really leaving, but will be visiting every so often.  The reality is that you wished you could leave, but this site, along with others you have mentioned, are an addiction for you.  It is an addiction for many.  If it were not you would have left as you said and we would have heard from you at Christmas.  

You need to decide who you are and be that person.  If you don't want to be a Latter-day Saint, then for gosh sakes stop making yourself so uncomfortable.  However, if you truly seek to be a Latter-day Saint then be that and quit wavering so often.  Be hot or cold and leave off the lukewarm approach to life. 

The mods are ambivalent toward you; nothing is personal for them.  

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8 hours ago, VideoGameJunkie said:

Are people actually complaining about my threads all the time or do the mods just not like me?

I've never complained about any of your threads and I honestly believe it just depends on the topic of any thread (from what I've observed).  You start a lot of threads, so odds are that some of them will get locked..  

Most of the threads discussing BYU and the Honor Code story are locked for some reason and rather quickly in some cases (one is still open though and maybe the mods just don't want numerous threads going on about the same topic).

Your recent thread on polygamy seemed to focus on the sexual aspect and I think that's why that one was locked.  I think you have to look at each individual thread as to why the mods decided to lock it.  I would be surprised if a lot of people are complaining about you.

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