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What does the Board Wars prohibition entail?


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I'm relatively new here and wanted the Board Wars prohibition clarified.  It states  • Engaging in board wars by bringing other boards content here or vice versa   I linked to another mormon blog in an earlier post.  Is this OK or not?  I really wasn't sure.  I also pasted a comment directly from the witness that she posted on another public comment board.  I wanted to give her accurate interpretation of events.  Please tell me if this was OK or not and what behaviors would be prohibited.  

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Yes, that kind of thing is just fine.

The prohibition is on sharing things from boards with the purpose of stirring up trouble and starting fights among posters (or to talk about another board or its posters). It causes posters from those other boards to come here and posters here to go there and soon the topic is whatever board and its posters rather than religion.


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I think it was mostly formed to avoid cross-posting from "The board that shall not be named" also affectionately known as "The Great and Spacious Trailer Park" and a few other boards.

There used to be a rash of 'this was said over there, what do you think?' When called on breaking board rules or being rude they fell back on the defense of 'I don't believe it, I was just sharing it' when they were really trying to rile people up and go back to get high-five and kudos for bearding the lion in his den. It was puerile and childish and the rule neatly ended it.

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