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I was just victim of Catfishing by a female BYU coed

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This girl somehow got my number and claimed she got it from a mutual friend but wouldn't say who. Then she said she was a 19 year old student at BYU studying early education. She sent a picture of herself and I said how pretty then she in response sent 3 nude pictures of the same looking woman. That's when I told her not to contact me again or I will report her to the school, if she really goes there. Catfishing can be interesting, but it's obvious when you're Catfishing.

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Sorry to hear about that, there are some weird behaviors the Internet has created. As a real life angler who really does fish for catfish sometimes, I sometimes get weird looks when I tell folks I went catfishing.

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One of my female coworkers was worried that the woman I found online (whom I have since married) was trying to catfish me!  First time I had heard the expression, and I thought I was up on all the new weirdities available online!

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I'm always amazed at how easily some people are taken in.  Dr. Phil has women (and one man once) on sometimes who are in their 40's and 50's, very well established with lots of loving family and friends and lots of money, who get duped and their family has to bring them on to try to convince them it's all a scam.  One women sent over $300,000 overseas and was about to be arrested because she would not stop even when the government told her it was illegal and western union cut her off.  She was smuggling money in cereal boxes and stuff!  She had bought a wedding dress and was convinced that this man was going to marry her but just had the worst luck.

Dr. Phil had to send a private investigator to Nigeria to track down the place where all the communication was coming from, and had to track down the real person who's photo was being used to scam her, and had to show her that most of the letters she'd gotten from him were plagiarized, AND had to go to all the places the scammer said he lived in the US to prove that no one knew who he was before she would believe that man wasn't real and wasn't coming for her, and wasn't going to be paying her back.

It was really sad and she was devastated.  But she should have known by the second conversation that he wasn't legit.

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