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HIghly Favored of the Lord


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In the Book of Eter, we read: Because the barges would not allow fire or windows for light, the brother of Jared goes to a mountain with several molten stones; then God touches the stones and makes them shine. Because of the great faith of the brother of Jared, he could not be kept from beholding, and saw the finger of the Lord. He saw and was ministered unto by Jesus. He leads the people to successfully establish a righteous nation, but as Jared and his brother grow old their people desire that they appoint a king to govern in their stead. They anoint Orihah, the youngest son of Jared, to be king, but only after all the sons of the brother of Jared and all of Jared's older sons refuse to be king.

The brother of Jared was highly favored by the Lord. What does it mean to be highly favored? Does the Lord love all his children the same? We also see that because of great faith, he saw the finger of the Lord. Is being highly favored mean being perfect or just always keeping the commandments. I believe that although we are loved, being highly favored means to always trying to do the right thing. I believe there were many people in the scriptures that were highly favored by the Lord, but the statement sometimes can be perceived many different ways.

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