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Something you might of worth...Easter Poem

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Eternal Day

Look not with grief upon this place
Remove the sadness from thy face.
Lift up your heart rejoice this day
The stone has now been rolled away!

Two angels stand to this they bear
The risen Lord he is not there.
He lives! To this the song we sing
Indeed, "Oh death where is thy sting"?

The battle fought, the battle won,
Behold our Lord, behold His Son.
See him walk beside the sea
That we of men may fishers be.

The empty tomb before us stands
Like evermore, now come to man.
For every soul who'll thus obey
The breaking dawn of eternal day.

With fervent voice we must proclaim
The risen Lord in joyous strain.
Our voices one now here us sing,
To our "Savior, Lord and King"

Did not our hearts within us burn
When of his love we first did learn?
That he for us would bleed and die
Oh precious gift for such as I.

From heavens gate, to mortal womb
From covered grave, to empty tomb.
Once bound with chain to the earth
Now in death we find new birth.

With God and angels we shall dwell
We'll sing this chorus, "All is well."
Praise his name and honor give
That we with him may someday live.

In wilderness we shall not roam
The guide has come to lead us home.
His blood now spilt to mark the way
The breaking dawn of eternal day.

William E. lee
Copyright 1996

Please forgive, any spelling errors

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