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Who are your favorite posters?

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My favorites need to post more often. Sorry if I messed up your name.

Brant Gardner, Hamblin, Hashbaz, Peterson [Ming], Nofear, Tyler Livingston, Nehor, Robert f. Smith, JHProf, ERMD, gardengirl, The nice sister who has an icon of the painting woman with pearl earing, Julianna, Calm, Cathrine the Great (archaeologist), Bluebird, a man who took really nice pictures had a bald eagle as his avatar lives in the northwest, Mudcat, Glenn101, TTribe, Whyme,The guy who had an Arizona Sun Devil as his avatar, Anyone who is upbeat, positive, and not anti church or anti-leaders of the church, RodheadLee (sailing expert), so many more.

I will probably come back to edit this and add many more names. If your name isn't on this list, just know, I love you too, its not you its me (memory is getting foggy).

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3 hours ago, consiglieri said:

Well, you're half right.  ;)



Thanks for the vote! 

Consiglieri, Calm, Gardenn Girl, Robert F Smith, Nehor, MRMD, Cenipro, Julianna, Sunstoned, Mudcat, Chaterine the Great, Dr Stuess, Dan Peterson, Scott Loyed  and Why me to name a few. Used to like David Turner, by have not heard from in forever. I am sure many names will occure to me later, so then I will update. 


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On March 8, 2016 at 4:33 PM, Rivers said:

I thought Cinepro was everyone's favorite.

He is one of mine. He also seems very sincere in his own sardonic manner which I respect which is why we rarely clash even when we disagree.

1 hour ago, Ham Clam said:

I mainly come heard to read rather than write on discussion subjects. The Nehor has been funny at times. 

Only some times? I need to talk to my script writers.

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