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What I've learned about our message editor


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For longer more complex editing of messages.  I've always like to use normal windows applications like say Microsoft Word.  I've lost work one too many times working in a message board's software editors before.

The editor his is nice in "caching" half done work but also is very confusing to me with its quoting system and allowing one to break up a given quote into several quotes with commentary in between.  I often end up in this nested quote nightmare.

In playing more I've found the following useful.  Assuming you have this big mess or you simply want to get something off to Microsoft Word to deal with.  Edit the post and select all <cntl-a>, cut all <cnlt-c> and paste into Microsoft Word.  All

blocks are converted to "Quote" in Word and so you can still easily see the delineation.  This paste will contain some non-visual characters around these funky nested quotation situations that finally show up in Word as you start deleting unwanted white space.

Start at any "Quote" and convert it to the needed "

" and/or "

" then start deleting white space until you come to the actual text of the quote immediately following your

.  Occasionally you will get this funky Word graphical character becoming visible as the next deletable character ... nuke these, they are the trouble makers.

Thus you can format your messages as normal with

my comment blocks.

I've yet to figure out the first quotes syntax for displaying the user being quoted and the time, so have just be modifying the original quote to my first intended quote of them in the boards editor and then format the remaining in WORD.

Note to get rid of an existing mess in the boards editor

1. delete all of the text in an inner most quote block.

2. hit the down arrow

3. hit backspace - note the quote block will highlight

4. hit delete key.

repeat until everything is gone that you want.

Sometimes step 1 and 2 can be shortcut and having the cursor in the right spot will highlight all of a quote block and the whole will delete with step 4.

Please add your methods you have found useful here.


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