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The Food Holiday

Saint Sinner

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I had to choose a neutral title for this thread because Valentinus hates the history of European settlement that is in his words "reprehensible mongering and genocide". <sigh>

With that said, Valentinus and I wish you all a deliciously indulgent, family filled and peaceful weekend.

While I'm at it, I want to give gratitude to the members here for showing me kindness and showing Valentinus, albeit insufferably, an enormous amount of patience.

I'll probably get in trouble for the last part but oh well. I care for him deeply but his humility and tact could use some work. ;-p

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Happy Thanksgiving.  Our ward celebrated it as an idea promoted by the Americna missionaries serving here.  As the representing American, I was asked to speak about Thanksgiving tradition for a minute.  I did, and I mentioned how great it was that we had several families from other countries in our midst, and welcoming others from foreign lands lies at the heart of Thanksgiving.


Pretty timely, IMO.

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