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Amazng Grace - Byu Vocal Group


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Just in case no one has heard this yet, have a listen to the amazing "Amazing Grace" sung by the BYU vocal group.


If any locals are interested in attending Noteworthy's performance on Nov 12th: http://arts.byu.edu/event/noteworthy/


We would love to go, but it would get us home too late (it doesn't start until 7:30, and it is a school night).

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Those fellows are good too, but the gals are prettier.  ;)


Oh, definitely!  


Reminds me of a story from my all boys school I attended in England.


The math teacher was late by a little bit, and we were being rowdy.  One of us, I remember who but not his name after all this time, started singing the "I Feel Pretty" song from West Side Story.  He didn't get very far into the song when the teacher walked into the room, everyone shut up, and he looked suspiciously around at us and asked "Who feels pretty?" in this deadpan voice, and we all lost it, laughing ourselves out of our chairs.  The teacher, one of our favorites, looked triumphant at his little joke and it took several minutes for the bunch of us to settle down.


Ah, those were the days, my friend, we'd sing and dance forever and a day.

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