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Question About The Book Of Mormon Geography Debate

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Those interested in reading the book involving the Translation of the Book of Mormon Caractors Document that I have just completed, I have set up a website where it can be accessed.www.bookofmormoncaractorstranslation.com I will be adding the Table of Contents and Index sometime next week, but the book is complete. If you have any comments or suggestions I would appreciate any feedback. As you read the analysis, you will see the Mesoamerican elements in the document. The electronic version of the book is free, when published the hard copy will be available at cost.

Also on that website is a link for free access to a book I published earlier this year entitled The Geology of the Book of Mormon which has been discussed in this chain.  The Caractors document actually has information that helps identify the location of the Book of Mormon, and the Geology book does the same.  

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