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I'm going to keep this brief, and as apolitical as I can make it in accordance with the board rules.


I'm doing various presentations on Canadian election issues right now, from electoral reform to the economy to foreign policy. In doing so, I've actually gotten 3 of the 4 party main party candidates to agree to give brief statements on their own position in this voting district, and why they're relevant to the Kootenays (my voting district, just above Idaho, Washington and Montana), 3-4 times a week.


If anyone is interested in following this, please send me a PM for more details about how to get involved, or view the process.


Aside from this announcement, please refrain from political discussion on this post, in accordance with board rules.

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Excellent work.

While we were up thefe one of our frinds was big into reform and we walked the streets for his candidates. Heard a few horror stories.

Heard some great things too.

I may be awake enough to be interested tommorrow. Have to have enough oompf to think again.

Makes me wish there was some way to come uo with a styem that kept the best of other side and when both were bad kame up with something new.

Will work on spelling tomorrow. Slept so long onc home forgot to take meds...but it was worth it..judt real shaky now while waiting.

My sweet bed. Life is good. Nothing poking into or tied to me, bliss. Who cars about psin.

You are so much braver than I am, can't imagine what you had to deal with. (to kerp it social :))

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