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Useful Extensions For Google Chrome/firefox/microsoft Edge


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Just thought I would make a list of some useful extensions (basically easy to add apps for your internet browser, just google them) to make your browsing an easier, faster, and more comprehensive experience:


uBlock Origin - An advertisement blocker that is not as heavy on your computer/browser as the more popular adblock extension. It has a more modern design, and is barely noticeable. No more banner ads, pesky YouTube ads, etc. Just an aside, most computer malware comes from clickable/downloadable ads, so this doubles as an extra layer of defense.


The Great Suspender - Suspends your unused tabs (if you don't know what a tab is, just press ctrl + t to open a new one, it's better than a window) after a certain amount of time to conserve computing resources. It's really really good if you usually use a large number of tabs on the internet. All you have to do to get the old page back is just click on the tab.


Ghostery - A privacy extension. It prevents web bugs, invisible to the user, which allow collection of the user's browsing habits, from tracking your viewing habits. Basically websites can't advertise based on your search habits, put cookies on your computer, or analyze what you look at.


Zenmate - A VPN, basically a privacy extension that obscures your IP address. It also conveniently allows you to access content not available in your country (think videos you want to watch, or changing up your netflix options).


Google Dictionary - Just double click on a word you don't know, and an unobtrusive box underneath opens up with the definition and a link if you want to search it too. Also translates different languages.


Price Blink - For you online shoppers. When on a shopping site, just click the top right button and it will search for the cheapest option of the same product across all reputable websites, as well as any coupon codes which can be applied.


Honey - Same as Price Blink


Imagus - Instead of clicking open an image, just cross over top with your cursor and it will pop up on your screen.



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Kewl!  B:)  Thanks, mon!  What's the timetable for preparing for/taking the MCAT?

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Oh thank you! I need the dictionary for my son when he's doing homework!

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