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Seeking The Title/producer Of An Lds Song


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Back in the stone age (probably in the 80's), I had a wonderful LDS cassette tape of missionary-themed music, I don't remember by whom, and one of the songs on that tape had the chorus that included the words: "If He could make mighty all these, I know he will also bless me..." I think it also included the words: "And whatever my mission might[may?] be. I am ready, dear Father send me."


Does anyone recognize the lyrics? The song title? The album name? Who produced it? How to get a copy in the here and now?

I would very much love to have this music for my kids to hear on Sundays.


Any help homing in on some of this would be greatly appreciated!

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I'd suggest  you ask the missionaries in your mission facebook alumni page, write to deseret book and signature books (and wasn't there one more mormon publisher in the 1980's?) to see if they recall having published such a thing,   Maybe sing what you recall and send it viral (particularly if you have people in Utah (where there will be a greater population of 1980's missionaries) who can like it and ask the question.

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Covenant iirc, but they got bought by Deseret.

Cedarfort and Horizon have combined as well iirc.

Covenant did a lot of tapes iirc.

I don't remember if there were any only music publishers.

There is a website for LDS musicians. You might ask there. I will try and find it later if you need me to.

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Found it, thanks to a suggestion on another forum. Thanks for the suggestions here. It's a Janice Kapp Perry production.


Rather than exiting the thread with nothing more than thanks, if anyone is interested in hearing a sampling of the song....


or here https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/army-helaman-ultimate-missionary/id981966856

In that list, song #16 - "He Will Make Mighty His Sons" - is the song I was seeking.

You can click on that song and listen to a considerable portion of it at no charge.

I highly recommend it.


Feel free to call me a liar if it's not worth the few minutes it takes to sample.  :search:

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