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One Tragic Death, Six Lives Saved


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I'm guessing most board participants don't follow motorsports, so to bring readers up to speed - This last weekend, in what can only be described as a freak accident, IndyCar driver Justin Wilson was killed when debris from another car struck him in the head while he was going nearly 200mph.  By all accounts, this particular driver was reasonably successful on the track but also almost universally well-liked off the track by both his team and his competitors; a rarity in motorsports.  People the world over have been mourning his death.  He leaves behind a wife and two young daughters.


Today, his brother reported that his organs had been donated and saved the lives of six people:




Turning a terrible tragedy into a lifesaving miracle for six fortunate souls.  Justin Wilson - a champion in life and in death.

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Very sad.  :(  Wonderful that lives were saved though. 

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