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Missing Letter Reading Sacrament Meeting

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Am seeing Internet posts which include a supposed copy of a letter by President Monson that reiterates the Church's stance on SSM which is supposedly to be read aloud in Sacrament meetings. This is usually accompanied by queries as to when that is to occur and discussion of Sacrament Meeting boycotts on that day. I havent heard of any such planned boycotts out here in the Heart of New England liberalism, is that a western thing?

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Where do you think they were shamed?

In spots...if I were SSA/SSM, I'd feel like crap, in the-church-doesn't-want-me-near-them sort of way.  I think the church should have left well enough alone.  Especially since in other countries the church resides, they have legal SSM and didn't get this letter read to them years ago, maybe to the bishops etc.  that I know of.  This should have been handled locally.  When the situation arises.    

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