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Drive By Shooting (Off My Mouth)


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Welcome back Kevin! Sorry for the loss of your son in law. I'm sure that puts a perspective on your life that is life altering. And you apparently used it for the good.

Hope your surgery helped too!! Bless your daughter, I can't imagine the difficulties she faces but luckily it sounds like her dad and family are there to help & support.

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Welcome back.  I need your moderate perspective on occasions.  Good to have you back.

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We also had a marriage and sadly the untimely death of my young son-in-law. My daughter is a very young widow now.


That's about as detailed as I want to get for privacy purposes, but there are reasons I've been a stranger.


Despite some difficult times, the family is close and the gifts of the Spirit have been remarkable.  Especially in tough times...  All in all I am more grateful for my Father in Heaven's love, and understand more fully the plan of salvation.





Hello KevinG...

The experiences you shared confirm to us that life can have both joy and sadness, and that we need to put our trust in the Lord and his incredible plan of salvation for all of his children.

Glad to see you...



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