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Genealogical Suggestions? 1641 Irish Rebellion Incident

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So I just discovered an ancestor that has been keeping me up at night and trying to discover more about her and her family but I'm afraid it might be too far back to find anything :sad:  Basically, if it wasn't for her survival I wouldn't be here today typing this post.  It's such a tragic story and has really moved me and hoping some of you more experienced family search guru's might know a few tricks up your sleeve to help me know where to search further?   Here's the journal article that I discovered:


"Our ancestress, Jean McWhirter, (She was a McWhirter before her marriage, but have no record o f her father's Christian name) lost her maternal grandparents with nine of their ten children in this bloody massacre. Her mother, an infant, was saved by her nurse, who ran to the hill s with her and hid her so successfully the butcherers could not find her. Her parents were hung to a tree in front of their home, and the children were killed in various ways all over the place." "Plantation of Ulster," p. 19 



So Jean McWhirter was married to Hugh McWhorter (bd 1670-1748 IRELAND)  but NO records of who Jean's parents were or more importantly who her material grandparents who I'm trying to find.    To add to my misery there seems to be some confusion on what Jean's maiden name was.   The article above indicates she was a "McWhirter" spelled with an "i" and married Hugh McWhorter which was common. 


Another source 'feels' she was a Gillespie:

"Although Hugh’s wife is most often referred to as Jane, her name in both the handwritten and typed copy of Hugh’s will is spelled "Jean". Jean’s maiden surname is unknown although the noted McWh*rter researcher, Davis L. McWhorter [db# 6234] thought that she was likely a Gillespie."



I've searched both and coming up with nothing but then again my research tools have only been Familysearch.org and Ancestory.com.  Any other suggestions anyone might give me?  I'd love to restore this family name back, it's such a heartbreaker for me. 



Edited to include where I have more detailed information stored for now:  http://scottishblood.blogspot.com/

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Have you checked with the FHC specialists in your ward?  Even if they don't know anything themselves, they may be able to hook you up with  specialists up in SLC.


Do you know birthplace and time or the names of any other siblings?  Perhaps search parish records for a likely family?

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