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Be Still And Know That I Am God

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So today (in addition to the past several months) I've been praying fervently about something weighing incredibly heavy on my mind.  Long story short, I received an unmistakable answer to "Be Still and Know that I am God".


It gave me some comfort obviously but I've been pondering on it all through out today;  what does that really mean?  Stop worrying about it?  Stop praying about it?  I don't think HF wants us to not pray...in fact he pleads for us to pray 'always'.  It might be my over-thinking but I can't help to not think He is saying to stop praying?  Any insights or thoughts?

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I don't know that God has ever told anyone to stop praying: He may have told, and may tell, people to stop praying about that thing, whatever it is.  He told Oliver Cowdery, "Cast your mind back to the time when you cried unto me in your heart.  Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter?  What greater witness can you have than from God?"  We know how the whole episode with the 116 Book of Mormon manuscript pages turned out.  If Joseph Smith had accepted the answer he first was given, the outcome would have been different.


Rather than, perhaps, "wearying" God by asking, essentially, "Is this my answer?" in every prayer, you might consider saying something such as, "Heavenly Father, you've spoken peace to my heart regarding [x].  I'm now relying on you to let me know anything else I may need to know or to do concerning it, and I trust that you will do so in your own time and in your own way, and in a way that I will recognize as such." (I'm no expert in recognizing and acting on answers to prayer, but those are my $0.02.)  I wish you well. :)

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The topic of your prayer was answered; rest, be faithful, you are in his hands, he is the God of the universe and his plan will be accomplished.  I don't see how you would derive that the act of prayer itself should be forfeited.  Prayer is much more than asking; certainly for the same thing for which you have received an answer.  


Yes, you are over-thinking it. 

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