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Bom Language Translations

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Does anyone know how to go about getting the Book of Mormon translated into a language it is not in already?  We have a family in our ward and a few more in the area that are Karen.  They joined the church without ever having been able to read our scriptures.  They are coming to church, but they don't really speak English so it is hard for the social side of things.


Anyway, I wanted to get them scriptures, but there do not seem to be any available.  I am guessing there is some type of process the church uses, probably due to how many members of that 'language' there are, but I can't find anything.

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I would suggest to start off going here and look at the bottom page for contact info (telephone or email):




Had to look that one up...google provided....

The Karen /kəˈrɛn/, or Karenic, languages are tonal languages spoken by some seven million Karen people. They are of unclear affiliation within the Sino-Tibetan languages. The Karen languages are written using the Burmese script. The three main branches are Sgaw, Pwo, and Pa'o.


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Besides Gospel Fundamentals, there is actually a program for teaching those who don't know English very well though it may come across better with kids.  I don't know if it will be too simple, it is usually used by missionaries (or was in the past, I will try and find a link to it).


I can't find any listings so they probably don't publish them any more.  IIRC there were both two videos and two notebooks, one for teaching with scriptures and one for teaching by theme.  Very basic....  It has been like 20 years since I looked at them, I looked into them to adapt to Primary classes when I was getting bored after the tenth year or so of teaching the same way.  If you are in an older ward, the notebooks or videos will probably be in your ward library unless you have an obsessive librarian who cleans things out.


There is also a literacy program available through the RS...or at least there was, again check in your library to see what they have. I will keep trying to remember the title or find it...maybe Beginning Course, Part A and Part B, maybe pinkish cover?

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Still have them, just updated the tech:
Beginning Course...DVDs just by themselves are available, looking to see if you can still get them in print as well.
From 2007 Ensign:

Did you know that the Church has a CD-ROM and videos that can help you teach beginning learners or intellectually challenged students? The Beginning Course Kit is a useful resource for classroom or home instruction. My children have developmental delays, and we have found the “Teaching the Topics and Themes” information to be a valuable resource. When I first bought the kit, I used its various hard-copy pictures and simple story outlines. (Now you print them from the CD.) I then organized these and other lesson resources in a file drawer according to the kit’s suggested topics. These simple, structured lessons are key to helping us teach our children the gospel in a way they can understand.


Here is an example of what they used to look like, don't know if that has been updated as well:

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I've talked to Maklelan about this before because I want copies of the BoM in Teutonic and Coptic. He expressed that those would be fun projects but there needs to be more members, if any at all, who use those languages.



What do you mean by Teutonic?

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