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Rebuking The Elders.

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Read this quote about a quote by Joseph. I don't think I had heard it before.

"Joseph, at this time, rebuked the Elders for administering the form without the power. Said he, "Let the Elders either obtain the power of God to heal the sick, or let them cease to administer the form without the power." (Quoted by Joseph Noble, See Juvenile Instructor, 15:112)"

It weighs on my mind a bit. I've given blessings that have had mild success before. I've been healed by the Spirit before. But I don't know that I truly have power with my administrations. It concerns me because I want to be a blessing to others, particularly my family and I'm not sure if there is something I'm doing to keep myself unworthy, or whether I have power to a limited degree, or what the issue is.

Does anyone else struggle with this? And if you've overcome this what did you do?

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