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The Old Aol Message Boards....


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Is there anyone still here that was around in the old days (late 90s?) 






What do you remember about the AOL boards and the Christianity Online boards that ejected Mormons?



I don't recall being ejected by any of the other Christian boards and chats. But I do remember really stirring up those pots. There was an LDS chat room in which some antiMormons got control of the bolt and I couldn't last long under those conditions.

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I'm trying to remember the set up. I remember two sets of boards...one run by a baptist guy that AOL subsumed. That was where we hung out as a group for the most part. Then there was the CO boards that had the Trinity creed at the door that you were supposed to agree to. Is that what you remember? But we were paying the same fees as everyone else for AOL services even though some of their services weren't available to the wrong religions.


CO had boards with threads on the "cult" religions where they would gather and talk trash about them. Their purpose was to talk about us, not to us. When we went in, they closed the folders. I think they closed 7 folders closed rather quickly. At that point, we were told that we would be thrown out if they even saw our screen names...even if we weren't posting in Mormon places. At that time, AOL allowed them to give TOS violations so they could get you kicked off AOL...which was a pretty big deal when they were where almost everybody was.


What are you guys' memories?

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