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There have been several threads in the past on inspiring and favorite music if you would like to see more examples without waiting for more to post.

I love All Creatures of Our God and King.

And I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus...I'll get some videos later.

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There are two hymns I cannot listen to or sing without crying... "How Great Thou Art" and "Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd." 

So yesterday in Sac Mtg when we sang "HGTA" I whispered to the brother (visitor) sitting beside me that I always cried in that hymn, and that I was perfectly fine...

I always cry in "DtotheHoftheS" because the chorus describes me when I reactivated after such a long time... "Out in the desert they wander, Hungry and helpless and cold; Off to the rescue he hastens, Bringing them back to the fold."  That was me... lost and cold until I had the good sense to answer the Shepherd and be led back to the fold.

As for other music that inspires me... beautiful, light classical is the music that touches me now...


from the beach on a rainy morning... GG

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