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The Life Of Christ


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I am teaching a Sunday school lesson and was trying to come up with some good quotes on the life of Christ any suggestions? 


That's a pretty broad topic.  What aspects of Christ's life were you hoping to cover?

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Sorry I haven't been able to respond quickly I have been slammed at work but yeah its a broad lesson it is the life of Christ. So I can really angled in on anything part. But I want to relay the message of the Gospel in it. Teach the love of Christ and the atonement. Also I want to pick out some parables and teachings. I like to start out my lessons with a quote and allow people to ponder it before we start going into the lesson. I couldn't find one specifically on the life of Christ in summary.    

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One that has caught me strongly this last week was quoted a n the visiting teaching message. I believe it was by Elder Christopherson, but you will have to look it up (hard to quite on my phone anyway). It talks about Christ suffering and knowledge fir each of us, but what caught me was the idea that because he is sinless, but went what we go through he understands how to win the battle - we can learn from him HOW to overcome our personal temptations and struggles.

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