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I don't understand why it got shut down, where were the politics?!! I thought you might have shut it down, and was worried it was because it may have strayed from topic.

But hey, some prayers went through because there was a downpour yesterday in Southern California, I saw a video of my previous next door neighbor that works at the DI, she was "singing in the rain"!

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If I posted anything on your pray for rain post that might of contribute to it being locked, I apologized. No intentions to cause issues. The good news is that in S.Cal it did rain. We didn’t get alot, but in the last 60 days, we’ve gotten more than we have in a few years. Prayers are working....

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My apologies for taking it off topic when I knew better too.

My fault, I probably veered it. It's probably because I care the heck about those on the board, and don't even know them, haha. And believe Rod knows that those on the board care too, or else why would he feel confident about asking for prayers.
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