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How Do I Email Mods?

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Hello Hamilton Porter...

Up at  the top of this page right next to "Forums" is a listing of "MD&D"... click on that.  It will take you to the Home Page for the Board... go to the bottom of the home page and you will see things like the number of members, etc... you will also see a listing of  "The Moderating Team"... click on that... it gives you a complete list of the Moderators plus an icon of an envelope by each name... click on the envelope and you should be able to send an email message to that particular moderator.  I've emailed a moderator if I had a problem on the site like my avatar or password, etc.

Otherwise, if you want to report someone in a thread you would click on the "Report" icon at the bottom of the thread page (next to the "quote" etc)



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Huh? Who uses email? I don't think we even check the email box anymore. And if it has anything to do with mod policies or practices usually get ignored anyways. Board accessibility issues usually get looked at Though.

Wow, there's an Answer! I don't think even I understood if you said "how to contact the mods" or not. I suppose he might get a response by clicking on the Report button on your post, though.

Please don't ban me for being a smart aleck!

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I don't t know where my post went. It took me a year to get a response, with posting almost every two weeks. So patience is the name of the game hope this does not burst your bubble...they are busy guys... :(:) Edited by Pa Pa
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Fast and pray for the Spirit of the Lord to touch their hearts? :unknw:


OK, I think I'll get out of here before I get struck by lightning! :huh::unsure:

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