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A Family In Maine Needs Help Heating Their Home


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Ok, I posted in length about it on another LDS forum so I will just copy and paste (to be kind to my poor old hands wink.png )=


My daughter has been talking to a friend in Maine and teaching him about the church. He's really interested (it's a miracle, yay!). I'm so excited for her. He's a great kid but tonight's conversation with him broke my heart (and keep in mind this kid works and has offered to send my daughter money to help her out). Apparently he and his grandmother (who incidentally has throat cancer) are living with no heat as they can't afford oil. (I'm not sure how this works but I guess without it your simply don't have heat or hot water). It all started when he said "hi, I just took a cold shower" my daughter asked "why would you take a cold shower?"
"Because we don't have heat. And we don't have any money for oil. We use 2 small space heaters and that's fine." 
I feel awful!! It's an awkward situation but I would really like to find a way to help him. 
(By the way this kid has lead a tragic life with a mother who committed suicide and a father who has been in prison much of his life.)
He works at a homeless shelter and says they pay him only $7 but he loves helping the poor so he stays there. (Wow! What a sweet kid!)
I am poor myself. I can't buy him any oil. 2.gif I wish I could!! I know some on here really care about the poor and am hoping and praying that somebody here will find it in their heart to help this boy and his grandmother buy some so they will be warm this winter. 
Sorry guys, I wouldn't ask for myself but my heart is breaking for this guy. 2.gif
Does anybody know how to go about something like this? 



I was with the help of a couple of posters able to put these 2 pages together but am now at a loss as I'm not a huge facebook or twitter person and don't really know where I can or should post them.  If anybody here would be willing to post these links on their facebook or twitter pages I would be very grateful.  Also any advise would be very appreciated.  Thank you so much guys!!






I realize I'm new here but I'm an active poster and have been for some time on other LDS sites and if somebody is wondering if I'm a scammer I'd be happy to give references. :)

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It is pretty simple to do it and doesn't take gofundme.  Just call up the oil company in the town where they are.   Ask him how much to deliver the amount of fuel the family typically uses over a winter.  (Probably about 1K).   Charge on your credit card however much you can afford.   


Or call the bishop in that location --- they are over everyone, not just members.   


Sound like they do have electricity.   


Those who are used to getting heat from electric or gas, just don't get that filling up a fuel tank of heating oil is a huge amount of money at one time, instead of the smaller amount over a longer period.   And oil companies require you need enough to make it worth their while, so if you have a too small of tank, it may be tough to get deliveries.   People do survive just fine in these conditions.   Really they do.

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Welcome to the Glass Menagerie.


Some states, I don't know if Maine is one of them, have emergency home heating oil funds available to the poor. Something to be looked into. 


One of my local utility companies has a special fund that people can donate to throughout the year that goes to help the poor with their utility costs...

Also, it is admirable that this sweet kid loves to help the poor by working at the homeless shelter for $7(?), but I think it would behoove him to try and find employment,  or take a second job, that would provide enough funds to be able to afford heating oil rather than stay at a job that does not support such a basic need. 

This may sound callous, but I question the wisdom in purposely staying in a position that cannot provide for him and his grandmother who has throat cancer....

Sometimes we have to do all we can to help ourselves... I do wish him good luck, and hope he can find some local resources for help...  ksfisher in post #3 above has given some information that might be helpful.



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They may want to get the missionaries to take them to see the bishop who may be able to help get him connected up with a better job and may know other programs that can help out, including sending him to the employment specialist.

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