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Prayer Request


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I need prayers. Normally I don’t ask for prayers for me. I feel like I don’t deserve that kind of consideration for all I had done and how I sue to live. However, I need to request prayer now. I am still being considered for a good job at a local church. I pasted the interview last week and did some additional paper work, but have not been chosen officially at this time. I need ( not just want ) this job. Please pray that I get it. Thanks.

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I will keep you in my prayers too, Lostone.

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My prayer will be that what is right for you will be...

I remember that I interviewed for a job at U of CA, Riverside as Admin Asst to one of the dept chairs... I really wanted it as it was a promotion and a raise in title and pay... I was sooo disappointed when I wasn't chosen but came in second... A week later another job became available but this one was for AA to the dean...  I interviewed and this time I was successful, and for the next eight years I worked for the dean, until I had to leave when dh's career change took us from So Cal to San Fran. 

So... Lostone... you will be in my prayers that you will get a job that is right for you... and that Heavenly Father will guide you.  If for some reason you do not get this job, don't give up but continue seeking because you don't know that there won't be another, even better, job awaiting you.  But certainly you will be in my prayers.




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I too will pray that the Lord will be mindful of you in helping you get where He wants you to be.  (Knowing that some churches do not employ persons who do not adhere to their own doctrines, sometimes not just requiring actions, but also certain belief, I worry that the job could mean you could no longer post here or you couldn't continue your search for truth and faith in the way you are inspired to be.)

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