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A "how To" Question


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I've often seen in posts on here that people will have a single word or phrase that if you click on it, it leads to a link. How do you do that? The whole link itself is not shown. Only a highlighted word or phrase. Thanks in advance.

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To make a link - highlight the word or phrase you want to have as the link in your comment.  Look at the second line of the legend at the top of the comment box.  You see it begins with "B" for bold and then keep reading to the right.  You keep going and then you see a symbol that looks like a zipper (it is to the right of the number button).  Click on that and a box opens entitled "Link".  The cursor will be blinking inside a URL box.  Copy the www. address to whatever you are linking and paste it in that URL box.  

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Thanks, Storm Rider. I guess I can't use that feature because I'm on the mobile version of the site, and those features you mentioned are not available.

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